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“Did y hear that Jersey won for brisket?” one Lone Star pitmaster saidIts Garden State provenance isn the only curiosity about Fat Angel, the Red Bank based competition barbecue team run by pitmasters Steve Raab and high school pal Eric Keating and ably assisted by Raab wife, Loren.The partnership, only two years old, has been uncommonly successful for newbies, racking up the Georgia title, placing first in the New Jersey State BBQ Championship in July and just last month taking the top prize for ribs at the American Royal Barbecue in Kansas City, Mo., in which nearly 500 teams compete in what is known as the World Series of Barbecue.Fat Angel credits Steve Raab long apprenticeship under Loren uncle,a devoted Vermont pitmaster known to fire up the smoker with four feet of snow on the ground.The couple and Keating have now turned their passion for competition into a catering business, Local Smoke BBQ, offering their award winning St. Louis style ribs, brisket, North Carolina style pulled pork, smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and other down home treats perfect for holiday get togethers.PHOTO BY TONY KURDZAK/THE STAR LEDGER Loren Raab, a partner in Fat Angel BBQ, demonstrates how properly prepared beef brisket cut against the grain of the meat should naturally separate at their kitchen in Red Bank.These include outrageously tasty jalape poppers tender smoked pork mixed with cream cheese and their signature barbecue sauce stuffed inside a jalape which is then wrapped in bacon and slow smoked to the heavens. Which is where you might end up if you eat too many of them.It took the team close to a year to develop the dry rub, a mixture of several kinds of sugar, salt and spices, and more than a year to come up with the secret sauces a tangy, not overly sweet blend for the ribs and brisket, and a peppery, vinegar based one for the pulled pork.

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