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In February 2012 Mayor Emanuel and City Colleges Chancellor

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Prada Outlet The farm is being built by Starlight Energy Corporation on land owned by Peter V. And Karen V. Anderson. The other is Richard J. Daley College on the southwest side.For the past five years the program that awards associate nursing degrees at Malcolm X campus has failed to meet state standards.A 75 percent pass rate is required of students taking the National Council Licensure Examination.Since 2009, the nursing program at Malcolm X has failed to meet the standard, dropping to its lowest score in 2010 with just a 42 percent pass rate.In February 2012 Mayor Emanuel and City Colleges Chancellor Cheryl Hyman announced plans to revamp Malcolm X into a state of the art medical training facility, even as the associate degree program there failed to meet state guidelines.”We are going to make sure that graduates at Malcolm X have a shot at those 84,000 jobs in healthcare,” Emanuel said at the time.At Richard J. Daley College almost all nursing students passed, until a big decline started in 2010.By 2012 the number stood at 73 percent Prada Outlet.