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It’s full of salad greens

It’s full of salad greens, microgreens, unusual herbs and edible flowers. It even has a small greenhouse so we can keep growing plants in the wintertime. Then we have a separate, smaller garden where we grow things exclusively to use while cooking at home, like Sun Gold tomatoes and Thai basil..

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Kitchen Accessories factory LIFE FROM SCRATCH begins in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood in the makeshift kitchen of Martin’s eccentric, creative and passionate mother. Using food stamps and meager savings from her work as a seamstress, Martin’s mother encourages Sasha and her older brother, Michael, to join in cooking adventures that elevate their lives. When 5 year old Sasha wants to make Julia Child’s roast lamb, they save for months for the ingredients and cook up a meal so delicious that Martin can still vividly recall the flavors Kitchen Accessories factory.