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The States have been mandated to buy wind (and solar) power to

Of M. And the last I checked they ALL have or did at one time or now you know why the decisions are made.You might think about comparing city and AAPS salaries for comparable positions. You can normalize the data based on relative budget or headcount managed and then see which group is paid more based on what they are required to manage.

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Canada Goose Outlet The Goyal gambitGoyal idea was to buy wind power from developers and sell it on to electricity distribution companies of non windy States (the nine windy States were anyway buying wind power). By aggregating demand on behalf of the non windy States and offering it as a market, the government dangled the carrot and got the bidders to lower the tariffs. The States have been mandated to cheap canada goose cheap canada goose buy wind (and solar) power to meet their purchase obligation law but the law had mostly been followed in breach because the prices of wind cheap canada goose power were high. Canada Goose Outlet

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