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The vote to repeal was unanimous and the planning commission is

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bags ysl replica The second option was to build a residential subdivision providing at least 3 acres per house, a departure from William’s former 2 acre zoning.Ballek argued the ordinance devalued his land by reducing the number of homes that could be built. After eight hearings over a nearly two year span, he lost an appeal to the Zoning Hearing Board in 2011 and was prepared to move the fight to Northampton County Court.But Ballek’s appeal to the county was put on hold after new township Supervisor Vince Foglia took office in January with a pledge to persuade the three member board of supervisors to repeal the ordinances, which he called unconstitutional.The vote to repeal was unanimous and the planning commission is in the early stages of drafting replacements. Foglia wants the ordinances to contain language making the conservation elements optional for property owners.The intent of the ordinances was not to limit a property owner’s ability to develop the land but to guide the development of land to protect natural resources, township solicitor Jonathan Reiss argued during the zoning appeal bags ysl replica.