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The weathered saltbox homes of Paraschuk coastal village

Kontainer is pleased to present Drive Slowly Through Our World featuring work by four young artist from Cluj, Romania. This new generation of artists, from this particular place came to terms with many obsessions and desperate assumptions of an Eastern European identity. Unlike the previous generation, the so called kids these youngsters are now assimilating integration and communication with global art scenesand created their own underground structure without any institutional help..

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale cheap canada goose cheap canada goose The opening pantomime a wordless introduction to Billy Bigelow and the carnival culminates with the eponymous Carousel, a dazzling, glittering merry go round of crystal and flying horses. The weathered saltbox homes of Paraschuk coastal village almost bring a tang of ocean air to the Avon Theatre. That sense of place is bolstered by the images provided by projection designer Brad Peterson from rolling waves to a lighthouse beacon that transform the stage wall.Still, as consummate as the performances and productions values are, Carousel is still less than the sum of its parts, more spectacle than inspired. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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