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“To get the height of the balloon correct

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canada goose outlet The idea is to do the same thing in a few of the other affected areas in Erewash so people can get a better visualisation of the plans. The models used at the consultation at West Park were very misleading.”To get the height of the balloon correct, I measured against Tesco, the Nottingham cheap canada goose cheap canada goose Road bridge and the lamppost, and I got the information about the height of the viaduct, and calculated it from there.”HS2: Is this how Long Eaton would look with a 50ft high railway viaduct?The tracks on the viaduct are currently planned to be 15 metres above ground level. There will also be two metre high sound barriers on either side of the tracks, then the cabling for the trains will add a further five and a half metres above that, taking the total height to 22.5 metres.The next public meeting of Erewash Stop HS2 takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, August 16, at the Soldiers and Sailors Club, in Long Eaton.A spokesperson for HS2 told the Nottingham Post : “HS2 is Europe’s largest infrastructure project, delivering major benefits to the East Midlands.”It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dramatically improve journeys between the Midlands and the North, and London, boosting capacity, improving connectivity and helping to re balance the national economy canada goose outlet.